Learning With Panda Club

This key stage 2 Tuition service is designed for students between the ages of 7-11. The core subjects will be the same i.e., English, Mathematics and Science.  Learning skills have now shifted from mere reading to reading the meanings of words. At key stage 2, it is expected that students will have an understanding of their work and be able to explain and present their work in class.


Many students suffer in school because they are not getting one-to-one attention, resulting in poor grades and minimal learning skills. Key stage 2 is a very important stage for children because at this stage they have to learn concepts and without clear understanding there is no concept. Tutoring will help your child to develop better study skills and comprehension of core subjects, it will also ignite a passion for learning because they are within a more focused learning environment of their own choice and receive one-to-one attention.

What Do We Offer?

  • Reaching and surpassing current academic year goals. 


  • KS2 English, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


  • KS2 English Handwriting.


  • KS2 Maths, KS2 Maths SAT Buster, KS2 Maths Mental workout and Arithmetic.


  • KS2 English reading Comprehension.  ​

Children in Library
Children Reading the Holy Bible

Our Time & Price

Monday - Friday 


17:00pm - 18:30pm

£20 Per Lesson